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Saficloud Website Design & Development


WUDY - The Game 3D modelling, Game & Web Development

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Fadsel Studio Branding / Art Direction / Digital

Fadsel Studio is a brand focused, strategy driven and design-led creative agency based in Tanzania, helping brands make the complex simple through integrated campaigns to build awareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration.

We develop collaborative relationships with our clients to create original brand and digital experiences that engage users, satisfy clients and meet the high standards of innovation and creative excellence that are central to our studio practice.

SafiCloud Website Design & Development

Safi Cloud is an online file-transferring platform, which basically means that you send files , we deliver them.

Wudy - The Game 3D modelling, Game & Web Development

Wudy was modelled in 3Ds Max and rigidified inside Blender3D , Coded using C# & UnityScript(JavaScript) inside Unity3DHosted at SafiCloud

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